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Bi-folding panels that effortlessly concertina back

Tracked Shutters are mounted onto a top & bottom track, allowing the panels to easily slide open. Fantastic for large doors or openings.

Perfect for large windows

Incredibly versatile

Total light control

Stylish privcacy

Enjoy your home in private

Large windows and openings can cause a headache when trying to cover them. Often curtains can be too heavy, causing fixings to come away over time. Blinds over a certain width can have operating issues and can bow or sag in the centre. These problems don’t arise with Tracked Shutters. Designed with larger openings in mind, Tracked Shutters offer a solution that will stand the test of time.

Easy access

Tracked Shutters offer full window coverage but can be easily slid open to allow full access. Incredibly popular for patio doors.

Perfect for large openings

Large windows are fantastic for letting light in but can cause problems when trying to cover them. As Tracked Shutters are mounted onto an aluminium track to support the weight of the panels, rather than the hinges, it’s the perfect option for wider, heavier panels.


Tracked Shutters are great for windows but they also have their other uses. Often used for room dividers or wardrobe doors, they can provide benefits across the whole home.
  • " Really pleased with our shutters. Quality product. Couldn’t be happier with the new look it’s given our home."
    - Carol
  • " Highly recommend British Made Shutters. Very good product and service."
    - Robert

    Shutters for every home

    If you’ve think tracked shutters would be perfect in your home, we can help you find a fitter in your area.

    Want to see more shutter styles? We’ve got a variety of styles to help suit your home.