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Elegant panels with full window coverage

Full Height shutters are manufactured to cover the whole length of a window or door, giving complete privacy and control of light.

Increased temperature &
sound insulation

Total privacy &
light control

window coverage

Stylish privcacy

Enjoy your home in private

Larger windows in a property are fantastic for letting in plenty of natural light and maximising views to the outside world. They aren’t, however, great when it comes to home insulation and privacy. One of the biggest areas of heat loss during the winter is through a property’s windows. As Full Height shutters cover the complete window, they help to retain heat in the winter adding an additional layer of insulation. They also help to keep a property cool during the summer.

Full Height shutters are the most popular choice of shutter due to their versatility and clean, simple features.

Perfect for large windows

Blinds and curtains can often have their problems when trying to cover bigger windows. Curtains can be heavy and blinds often don’t function correctly. Full Height shutters are ideal for larger windows and doors. Offering maximum coverage of the window, they allow full control of light. Block out or let in as much light as possible.

Increase insulation

By adding a full layer to your windows, Full Height shutters are great at insulating your home for both temperature and sound. They help to keep in cool air during the summer and hot air throughout the winter.

Match any home style

With a variety of options to choose from, Full Height shutters will suit any room or style. These tall, elegant panels will stand the test of time and the ever changing fashions our home interiors go through.
  • " Really pleased with our shutters. Quality product. Couldn’t be happier with the new look it’s given our home."
    - Carol
  • " Highly recommend British Made Shutters. Very good product and service."
    - Robert

    Transform Your Home

    Our Full Height shutters are the perfect addition to any home. To start the journey of transforming your home with shutters, fill out our enquiry form to find a supplier local to you. If you’re not sure Full Height shutters are the ones for you, have a look at some of our other shutter styles.