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Maximum flexibility to suit all windows

Tier-on-Tier shutters are 2 sets of panels, stacked one on top of the other. They offer the full benefits of both Full Height & Cafe Style shutters.

Complete flexibility

Increased home security

Full window coverage

Stylish privcacy

Enjoy your home in private

When natural light is limited and privacy is key, Tier-on-Tier shutters offer the perfect balance. Giving the full benefits of Full Height shutters when closed and Cafe Style shutters when open, they can make the perfect window covering with maximum flexibility.

The best of both worlds

Undecided on Full Height shutters or Cafe Style shutters? Our Tier-on-Tier shutters offer a combination of both, giving the full window coverage of Full Height shutters when closed and the maximum light benefits of Cafe Style when the top panels are open.

Added security

If people can see into your home, your property’s security is at risk when you’re out. Tier-on-Tier shutters mean you can keep the bottom panels closed and the top panels open, offering maximum privacy.

Perfect for sash windows

With the visible, horizontal split in the window, Tier-on-Tier shutters are the most popular shutter choice for covering sash windows. Having the split in the tiers to match the window, they offer a beautiful, seamless match.
  • " Really pleased with our shutters. Quality product. Couldn’t be happier with the new look it’s given our home."
    - Carol
  • " Highly recommend British Made Shutters. Very good product and service."
    - Robert

    Adding Style to Your Home

    Our Tier-on-Tier shutters can help make a statement with any style of property. If you’re starting to picture them in your home, find a local supplier to you by filling out our enquiry form.

    Still unsure what style of shutter to go for? Take a look at our other shutter types to see which would be best for you.