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Hardwood shutters, manufactured in Britain.

Our hardwood shutters are handcrafted in Britain using Basswood; the most popular choice of timber material for shutters.

Extremely durable and sturdy


5 year warranty

Lower energy bills

When our hardwood shutters are installed into a property, they add an additional layer of insulation to the windows. Helping to keep heat in during the winter, shutters have been proven to help reduce energy bills and improve a property’s energy efficiency.
hardwood shutters on a large window

Fast lead times

Until now, hardwood shutters have only been available to order for the UK market from Asia. As a result, lead times are typically long and forever changing due to shipping times. As our Hardwood shutters are manufactured by ourselves here in the UK, our lead time is the best in the country for hardwood.
stacks of hardwood shutter frames

Perfect for larger windows

Basswood is a medium-density timber making it extremely durable and sturdy but also lightweight. This makes our British Made Hardwood Shutters the ideal choice for larger windows, where bigger panels are required. You’ll often find larger shutters will tend to drop over time if they’re manufactured from a denser material. This won’t be the case with our Hardwood shutters.
close-up of hardwood shutter on window

Not sure Hardwood is the right choice of material for your shutters?

Not to worry!
We have a great Fauxwood option.

large window with shutters


Take your next steps to a better home

Our Hardwood shutters are available in a variety of styles and colours and are perfect for any property. Check out which style would be best for you.

British made Basswood Shutters

Basswood has been the most popular choice of material for shutters for decades. It’s lightweight, durable and incredibly stable making it an ideal material. For the UK market, the only way to obtain Basswood shutters for customers has been by ordering directly from Asia, resulting in incredibly long lead times. At British Made Shutters, we wanted to change this and now manufacture our Basswood shutters at our factory in the UK. We’re proud to offer the fastest lead time for Hardwood shutters, meaning you can get a quality product in a quality timescale.
stack of shutter louvres and rails