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16 August 2023

A well overdue update!

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It’s been a while since we uploaded a blog post….15 months to be exact! We plan on posting more regularly to keep updates accessible to everyone interested in our company. While you’ll see more up-to-date posts here in our blog, the easiest way to keep update with what we’re doing, is by liking/following our page on Facebook (which you can access by clicking this link).

In our last post, we were celebrating the first year in our new unit that we acquired in 2021. Well at lot has happened since, including us acquiring a new unit once again.

British Made Shutters has been growing from strength to strength and we found ourselves lacking space at our old premises. We decided to take the plunge and move into a much larger unit, giving us the ability to increase our operations and expand our product offering.

New Unit 2


From 8,000 square feet split over 2 units to 17,000 square feet all under one roof, it’s certainly a welcome change for everyone on the factory floor, giving more space to work.  

The new unit has also given us more room to start our new product which we’ll touch on in a later post….

While we continue to grow and start introducing our shutters to more companies across the UK, we really hope we don’t have to move again for at least a few more years!

Download our latest brochure and see how shutters could add another dimension to your home.